Need Good Entertainment at Your Meeting, Fund Raiser or Other Important Event?

The Chorus of the Atlantic will thrill your weekend or evening audience with a musical program of lively tunes, lovely ballads and patriotic songs, all done in four part barbershop harmony. Depending on your needs, we can give you a 30 minute program (perfect to liven up a meeting) or even a full two hour show. For more information on pricing and available dates, call our President, Andy Ferreira, at 732 946 1072 or email us.

The Matinee Idles can be the perfect way to spice up a weekday luncheon or afternoon meeting. Their program is a well balanced mix of light-hearted, patriotic and heart warming music, with lots of humor stirred in. Telephone Phil Wilderotter at (732) 229-7687 or email us by clicking on the Email icon on your left.