Matinee Idles
Matinee Idles

Quartet performs

The Chorus was honored to perform for the Guild of Creative Art and Habitat for Humanity in a benefit concert and art show "Art for Homes" at the Guild studio on Friday evening, Oct. 28th. 

A small contingent of the chorus arrived early for a warm-up in the parking lot.  Prior to the performance, the men mingled with the arts patrons who were there to raise money for Habitat for Humanity.  There was a silent auction of the artwork by Guild members, which raised funds for the building of affordable housing.

An impromptu chapter quartet performed Ain't Mishavin' for the arts patrons. (l-r) Herb Van Note, Jay Nickel, Tom DeBruin, and Ken Hicks.

The Chorus enjoys a relationship with several arts groups in Monmouth County.  We were very pleased to work with David Levy and the Guild of Creative Art on this fundraiser.