Matinee Idles
Matinee Idles

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We don't like to toot our own horn, but we do want to keep you up to date with what is happening with the chorus.


The year-end holiday party was a big hit among the members.  Caterer extraordinaire, Armando Orlando, provided a sumptuous meal of baked ziti, chicken marsala, salad, and beverages.  The men enjoyed a gift swap under the direction of Jack McDermott and his lovely assistant, Vanna White, er, Robert Maber.  It was noted that many gifts were easy to identify as bottles, despite the gift wrapping.

2017 holiday party 3

Rich Dunne gets a roadside kit.

show 13

The Chorus of the Atlantic and the Matinee Idles hosted a fabulous holiday show, "Harmony's Comin' To Town" on Saturday, December 16 at the Ocean Township High School auditorium.  The program was altered at the last minute when we learned there was a death in the family of the Ocean Township High School Choir director.  The students were to sing a 25-minute set.   Chorus of the Atlantic director, Craig J, Page, filled the hole in the show with a set of non-holiday songs by the chorus.  The audience loved it.  In addition to the two choruses, the audience heard two quartets and a small group singing some great holiday tunes.